The Layover

June 2015


Author David Stone has gone from unknown Independent to New York Times best-seller almost overnight - a transition that hasn't come without a price. After two lengthy tours, David finds his sales at an all-time high, and his marriage to Nicole at an all-time low. And while David has made several attempts to bridge the gap that has settled between them, it seems the emotional and physical connection they once had has been severed beyond repair.


During a layover at the end of his latest tour, David encounters Elise, a beautiful business woman who joins him at the terminal bar. On the surface, the two pass the time together in innocence. But it quickly becomes apparent that, with the bridge to his wife in such a state of decay, even the subtlest attentions of another woman are enough to arouse David's interests.


What happens when casual conversation over drinks shifts to an invitation for something more? Where will David, a once happily married man in a now not-so-happy marriage, draw the line? Will he draw one? Or more important, could he keep from crossing it?