Until Now
May 2014


She never worried like this.

He hadn't heard from her in over a decade.

And they had no reason to ever see each other again . . .



It was just one word. But that's all it took to put his world on hold. After answering a phone call from an unknown number, Detective Paxton Scholl knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the voice on the other end of the line belongs to his ex-wife, Casey. And soon, he discovers why she is suddenly reaching out to him after more than a decade of silence; Sarah, Casey's daughter, has run away. And while her husband, Philip, believes otherwise, Casey is absolute in her belief that the local authorities are not doing all that they can to locate her. Now, afraid that sarah may be on borrowed time, Casey has called on the one person she knows can help.


Within hours of their conversation, Paxton is on a plane headed for Los Angeles. And even though Paxton's partner, Modesto, as well as, Paxton's wife of thirteen years, Amanada, have questioned his hasty decision, it's not until he lands that Paxton understands the reason behind their concern. While he's a happily re-married man, Paxton now realizes that the feelings he had for Casey are feelings that haven't faded during their years apart. And it appears the same could be said for Casey.


Can old embers be fanned into a new flame? Or will they be forever extinguished by the discovery of a young girl's body in a nearby city?

Just finished reading UNTIL NOW . . . LOVED IT! Can't wait to read your other books. I will tell all of my friends! Thanks for giving me a great vacation read! you have a new fan!


Teresa Beckett

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Caught In A Web

May 2013


It's been two years since his wife, Victoria, vanished, and single father, Steven Pierce has now found the strength to move on. But after spending his first night alone with a new love, a mysterious letter offers a chance to draw him back into the search for his missing wife.


Torn between pursuing his new love or his first, Steven chooses to secretly pursue the new information by recruiting his twin sister, Susan, a Huntington Beach detective, to aide him in his search. But when cluse are unearthed that reveal another side to Victoria, Steven finds himself suddenly caught in a web spun of murder, lies, and deceit.


Will the truth Steven is so desperate to find save him, or will it only serve to destroy him instead?

A Fortune In Lies

May 2012


For Mr. Eric Mathews the words were crippling.


"As of right now, who I am is of no importance to you. What is important is the fact that I now have your wife in my possesion - and that from here on out, you and I are going to be partners."


Hours earlier, thirty-four year old Eric Mathews was living an enviable life as a successful banker, residing in an immaculate home on the outskirts of Orange County, California with his beautiful wife, Michelle. Little did Mr. Mathews know that his rather mundane Wednesday was about to become a life or death race against time - a race where Michelle's life hangs in the balance of Eric's every action. With only twelve hours to produce his wife's multi-million dollar ransom, Eric is forced to make his most difficult decisions - all while obeying the rules set forth by his wife's abductor; as set of rules that are constantly being monitored.


A Fortune In Lies is a story of love, trust, betrayal and murder - an electrifying thrill ride chalked full of twists and turns that will keep even the most seasoned reader guessing till the end.

What appears to be a straightforward kidnapping tale becomes a tangled knot of subplots and potential red herrings - a wife cheating on her billionair husband, an unexplained dead body - that sets up a multitude of surprises.  Crime isn't supposed to pay this well.


~Kirkus Reviews