What's up everyone ! Just want to let you know that while working on my next title, I'll be working on something really exciting! Well, it's exciting for me, but hopefully it turns out to be exciting for you as well . . . fingers crossed!



I just want to thank everyone for spreading the word about my books! My trailer for The Layover has hit a staggering 40 THOUSAND views!!!  WHAT!!! 



After what has felt like a lifetime of waiting, the wait is now over! Thanks to a change in terms & conditions, all of my books are now available in the Kindle store! All of my books are now live and ready for purchase at the sweet price of just $.99! So load up, and happy reading!



The reviews are in, and The Layover is a hit!  Make sure to grab your copy now if you haven't yet!


Also, I'd like to announce that digital editions of all my books are now just $.99! Think this is a limited time only promotion? NOPE! This is permanant pricing for not only my previously released books, but for all future books I plan on releasing as well! So be sure to pick up your copies today! Remember - a portion of all book sales goes to BCRF via my Writing For Research pledge! 


Side Note: If you've read any of my books, please, PLEASE, I beg you, submit a review at the site from which you purchased it. And please feel free to contact me, or post a little something on my Facebook page. I love hearing from my readers!