A Little Bit About Me

When it comes to the massive world of books and authors, I'm an unknown. But those readers I have reached, rave about my ability to give them page-turning, fast-paced stories with no filler. I've been told I have an ability to create real and identifiable characters, and I pride myself on that. I try very hard to deliver engaging stories with plot twists that will surprise even the most seasoned reader.


Although born in Montreal, Canada, I spent most of my life growing up in the ethnic and cultural melting pot of Southern California. For more than twenty-five years, cities such as Torrance, Redondo Beach, Long Beach, Lakewood, and various parts of Orange County were all places I've called home. 


While in California, I spent several years on the music scene, playing guitar and singing with my band in various clubs around the So-Cal and L.A. area. In 2004 when the band dissolved, I shifted gears, turning my talents from writing music to writing books. My first work, a thirty-five thousand word novella, was traditionally published in 2005.


With that victory, however, came a terrifying bout with depression, which sent me spiraling into one of the lowest times of my life. In 2007, I battled back, became a personal trainer, and began writing again. In 2008, I was signed to the Pratt Literary Agency with my novel, A FORTUNE IN LIES. And while feedback from publishers was good, it wasn't enough to be picked up, and I moved forward by releasing the book myself through Amazon and Lulu. After 


a mutual parting of ways with my agency, I released four more books on my own, of which, The Layover, garnered the most success. I now live in Tennessee with my beautiful wife, and son.



Favorite Bands: DEFTONES; Periphery; Silent Planet; 30 Seconds To Mars; 36 Crazyfists; Eminem, and anything from                             the 90's!


Favorite Genre: Classical; Rock; Metal; Prog. Rock; Djent; Funk; Dub


Favorite Authors: H. Coben; S. King; D. Koontz; S. Brown; C. Cain


Favorite Wears: T-Shirt & Jeans; Vans shoes; and of course, my Montreal Canadians hockey jersey!


Favorite Movies: Pulp Fiction; Dumb and Dumber; The Godfather (all of them); Batman (Keaton & Burton)


Favorite Sport: There's only one real sport: Hockey!


Hobbies: Playing the drums, playing ice hockey, strummin' the ole guitar; snowboarding, and painting.



Author photographs supplied by Kristen Olson of MagnoliaSkyPhotography