A Little Bit About Me

When it comes to the massive world of books and authors, I'm an unknown. But those readers I have reached, rave about my ability to give them page-turning, fast-paced stories with no filler. I've been told I have an ability to create real and identifiable characters, and I pride myself on that. I try very hard to deliver engaging stories with plot twists that will surprise even the most seasoned reader.


Although born in Montreal, Canada, I spent most of my life growing up in the ethnic and cultural melting pot of Southern California. For more than twenty-five years, cities such as Torrance, Redondo Beach, Long Beach, Lakewood, and various parts of Orange County were all places I've called home. 


While in California, I spent several years on the music scene, playing guitar and singing with my band in various clubs around the So-Cal and L.A. area. In 2004 when the band dissolved, I shifted gears, turning my talents from writing music to writing books. My first work, a thirty-five thousand word novella, was traditionally published in 2005.


With that victory, however, came a bout with depression I tried to cure with prescription drugs and alcohol, which sent me spiraling into one of the lowest lows of my life. In 2009, I battled back and began writing again, releasing my first novel A FORTUNE IN LIES in 2012.With that book, I was signed to the Pratt Literary Agency, and several titles have followed every year since.


I'm often asked if I will ever return to traditional publishing, and the answer is probably not. Yes, handling every aspect of a book's creation - aside from editing - can be quite daunting, but I wouldn't want it any other way. Designing everything - from the book's cover and formatting of its interior, to my website and making the trailers - is just as exciting to me as creating the stories that go on the pages. And while it's taken me a few years, I've learned to embrace the freedom that comes with being an independent author. Being "Indie" allows me complete freedom over what I produce, not only with the story I tell, but with how I choose to deliver it to a reader. Not being constrained to certain industry standards allows me to experiment with things outside of the written words. Having absolute control over book formatting, story layouts, even something as simple as chapter design lets me explore my creativity to the fullest. Then pieces, like a header, which has been so insignificant in the past, becomes part of the story, and I can use them to give you a new experience. And to me, that's a pretty awesome thing. I want you to get this overwhelming feeling of anticipation with each coming release. I want you to think, "I wonder what he'll do next?"


And that's something I get to share with you, because even I don't know what I'll do next.



Favorite Bands: DEFTONES; Periphery; 30 Seconds To Mars; 36 Crazyfists, and anything from the 90's


Favorite Genre: Classical; Rock; Metal; Prog. Rock; Djent; Funk; Dub


Favorite Authors: H. Coben; S. King; D. Koontz; S. Brown; C. Cain


Favorite Wears: T-Shirt & Jeans; Vans shoes; and of course, my Montreal Canadians hockey jersey!


Favorite Movies: Pulp Fiction; Dumb and Dumber; The Godfather (all of them); Batman (Keaton & Burton)


Favorite Sport: Hockey


Hobbies: Playing the drums, or my guitar; Snowboarding; Video games



Author photographs supplied by Kristen Olson of MagnoliaSkyPhotography

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