“Never in my life has a woman made me feel the way you made me feel tonight, Rachel. It’s . . . it’s maddening.”

   From Jason Carter, author of Until Now and The Layover, comes a dark, suspense-filled journey into the mind of Jacob Goodwin—a maintenance man who has taken a personal liking to a young and attractive workaholic who starts each of her mornings with a trip to the gym where Jacob works. Her name is Rachel Jordan . . . and she's perfect. Day after day, Jacob watches Rachel come and go, but her devastating beauty and the fear of being rejected are just two of the reasons why he can’t bring himself to speak to her.


   Still, Jacob knows he would be the perfect man for this successful, unattached business woman, and for weeks, follows Rachel from a distance; studying her every move, memorizing her daily routine, waiting for the perfect opportunity to make his love for her known.


   Is Jacob Goodwin just a hopeless romantic with a harmless crush on a beautiful woman? Or is his infatuation with Rachel shifting to something far worse?

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